Grown men love bears too

DSCF3399A couple of years ago I bought a £1 bear from Ikea and made him some clothes. Occasionally I like to do this kind thing. It is comforting. He is the bear on the right. I thought he was lonely and bought him a wife. But she was naked for a long time. This year when my daughter asked what I wanted for Christmas I said some clothes for the lady bear. So she made clothes and we now have a couple. They don’t have names but they have a dog – I’m not sure where he came from – possibly Ikea as well. They did have a tiny, felt, black cat but she has gone missing. I hope she didn’t end up in the bin.

I think of them as a shepherd and his wife. Quite peasant like. If I was better at sewing then they would be POSH bears but I’m not so they will have to stay poor.

First Portrait Exhibition

DSCF3371On Monday I noticed that the exhibition cabinets in the foyer of the main science building where empty with a note saying the library (who coordinate the exhibitions) were taking a break before the next exhibit. I thought this was a opportunity for me to exhibit my Botanics People photos so I showed Leonie the archivist my prints on Tuesday. She liked them but was just about to put historic staff pictures in the cabinets for Friday’s annual staff conference. Perhaps I could exhibit them on the walls? But I had no frames!

DSCF3374 After some faffing by Thursday morning I found a way to hang cheap Ikea Nyttja frames. A trip across town, help from Vlasta to curated forty odd originals down to fifteen then frantic hanging and I had the exhibition in place for nine on Friday morning and the staff conference. It is not ideal. The lighting is rubbish but I have my first portraits exhibition!

So far I have had lots of positive feedback. People have said they look ‘fantastic’ and other superlatives. Several people have said they have been moved by the shots which I am touched by.

I’m hoping that this will open up the possibility of making more photographic portraits in 2015.

Old Hyam History

DSCF1267 small

Rearranging my bookshelf I came across the folder with my negatives in and it fell open at a film my father took in the late 1950’s. That’s my olderest brother, mother and paternal grand parents outside what the Russian’s would call a datcha on the Sharpness Canal. The dog in front is Boley. But who is the other dog? This was a good seven years before my birth.

I’m still amazed at the power of the images of people. How will it play out with all the selfies we do now?

Basil Spence: University of Edinburgh Library

I walk past the Basil Spence building almost every day and have been trying to photograph it for my brother who has an interest in Spence’s building. It is actually really hard to get good lighting and view of this building. This is at dawn (about 8:30 am at this time of year) and some of the best I have so far.