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Nice Take On Drugs

I used to be ambivalent about drug legalisation then I heard this great polemic from Ed Vulliamy (author of Amexica: War Along the Borderline) on Start the Week on BBC Radio 4.

I set off vaguely with this idea that is prevalent in liberal circles, you know, just add instant legalisation and the drug problem will go away. I have changed my mind. There is a misunderstanding of  why people take drugs. Most people do not take drugs to make the Grateful Dead sound better or feel horny or whatever they take drugs because they are utterly miserable and Mexico is the sharp end of what a post industrial society looks like. I think if you can go down to Boots and buy a brand of crystal meth that is regulated that fries 70% of your brain for £5 a hit what is to stop the cartels selling a brand of meth that fries your brains 99% and only costs £2 a hit. This is not just Mexico this is South Wales, this is Teesside, Tyneside. Why do people take drugs? Because it is awful, miserable. And if you do sell drugs in Boots people will go out and buy it even more than they do now.

This just about sums it up for me.

Brilliant bit of radio. The whole programme was great (sorry for those outside Europe who probably can’t hear it). It shows that what is basically a book pushing show can be good.

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