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Trying to get a photo blog right

I have been messing around trying to make my blog more photo-friendly – but without much joy. I use Apple Aperture which is integrated with MobileMe and Flickr. I have a MobileMe gallery so I could include images from there but Apple don’t provide an API just a rather inadequate RSS feed. I could use Flickr as they have a nifty “blog this” feature that would enable me to pick photos from my stream and add them to the blog. Unfortunately this would mean the images stay in Flickr and I only link to them so I would be bound to maintaining a Flickr account and eventually paying for it which would be yet another account to look after.

I could use PixelPost but that would be yet more software to keep up to date and backup.

My conclusion at the moment is simply to export photos from Aperture and upload them one at a time and one per blog post to my regular blog. At least they then stay with the blog and its data.

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