Bangor Mindfulness: Research Assignment 1

In an attempt to keep up with a policy of putting all of my appropriate ‘outputs’ on the blog here is my first assignment for the Research module of the Bangor Mindfulness MSc course. It has been marked and I think I got a B- or possibly an A-. There is some complex thing they do with the marks and the anti-plagarism declaration that makes it difficult to work out. Anyhow it appears to be at least “good enough”.  I have three more assignments to do, another on the Research Module plus two on the Foundation – I’ll post them all as they are marked.

N.B. I have added a copyright notice with my name on it to this file otherwise it is as submitted.

The Foundation Module assignments involve keeping experiential diaries and reporting on them. This has somewhat scuppered my attempt to blog my way through the course. I don’t want to put effort into blogs that should go into essays. The usual flow of unsupported opinion should resume as the assignments are completed.

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