Bangor Mindfulness: Foundation Assignment 1

I just noticed that our Foundation Module first assignment has been marked and in the spirit of openness can now post my assignment here. I got a B- for it. The comments were that I could have said more on my experiences in turning towards a new way of practicing and that I should have mentioned more of the attitudinal foundations of mindfulness.

I am bothered by the founation module in that any comment on the nature of the eight week course being suboptimal or even inappropriate is alway greeted with a suggestion that the problem lies with the student. It is always the student who can’t handle the demands of the course and has to work with their aversion. Always the student who is in some kind of denial.

I can take the rules and regulations of the various Buddhist traditions I have had contact with to heart without a problem so why should I have a problem with the the eight week MBCT/MBSR course? I can’t help feeling that the reason I have “resistence” to the way these course are delivered is because the course is ‘wrong’. Maybe wrong just for me or may wrong in general.

I would like to think that if I had got an A+ I’d have still made these comments!


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