Goal setting is good – even when you ‘fail’

Sheila - Version 3


These are two photographs from my series of 100 Portraits in 2013. Sheila, my mother-in-law, is 86 years old and Mary, her granddaughter, is 18. These were among 48 portraits I made in 2013. I failed to make it even half way to 100 portraits but I learnt a lot. It is difficult to put into words what I have learnt but it feels good and so I am going to keep going till I get to 100. I’d like to be done by the summer of 2014 so it will have taken me about a year in total. I don’t want it to drag on for ever. I’d like to move on to a more specific people project but I won’t start that till I have reached my 100.


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  1. Many thanks Roger for the photo you took of me. I ahope it is OK by you that I am using it as my image in Facebook. Many folk have said they like it ,the best reaction I have had to any of my likenesses. Good luck in your gathering . You have a great gift and I am very pleased to have met you and happy that you included me in your collection.

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