People @ Pedal On Parliament 2014

Had a lovely couple of hours doing the Pedal On Parliament ride today and took the opportunity to spend the time photographing people. Everyone was in a good mood and, although there were a few people who didn’t want their photos taken, most were up for it. I had a couple of out of focus shots and one of a friend who was pulling such a silly face I couldn’t bring myself to share it! The resulting acceptable 28 portraits are below.

If there is a photo of you here then thank you very much for letting me take it. If you really can’t stand it then contact me on the link at the top of the page and I’ll take the photo down. If you like it then you should be able to click on it, then on the link at the bottom to the version on Flickr where you can download a high resolution version. Any problems please ask.

This has also enabled me to finish my 100 Portraits project within the year. This is a great relief. It was beginning to hang over me as I want to work on a more thematic project…but what?

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