How shallow can you go

I have had an interesting evening torn between two shots I took today. Same subject and almost the same pose but one with what may be considered too shallow a depth of field but which I prefer.

Fujinon XF56mm @ f1.4 – my preferred shot

It is testing my artistic integrity – pompous though it sounds.  I have “it doesn’t have to be in focus” ringing in my head but I am afraid that if I release the one where the subject’s nose, mouth and chin are soft people will say “ooh it is out of focus”. On the other hand I know that the soft shot feels more powerful.

One of my problems is that releasing something electronically I have no idea how it will be viewed and the difference I see in the prints in front of me may not be perceived in the same way. Perhaps I should stick to physical media only.

Meanwhile you can enjoy (or not) both images here – on whatever device you are using.

Fujinon XF56mm @ f3.2 – more is sharp

I file this under technolust as well as photography because of the sheer pleasure of using my Fujinon XF56mm f1.2. It is like carrying around a large glass jar of jam compared to my other lenses but so lovely to use.

2 Comments on "How shallow can you go"

  1. Here in summer 2018 I have sold my 56mm f1.2 because I actually really rarely used it past f3.5 and could do similar things with my dinky workhorse Fujinon 18-55 @ f4 or 60mm @ f2.4 macro lens or 35mm @ f1.4 standard. It is/was a lovely lens though. If I were a commercial portrait photographer it would be wonderful on the new X-H1 body.

  2. Undoubtedly the first one , with a more blurred background, accents on the person and his head. This is in a way, the modern “hype” and concept of portraiture… I like it of course, the so precious and cherished “bokeh” is nice, truth…
    But I personally prefer the second one, for it performs this man character more complete in his surroundings, like habitat. So, congratulations (XF56mm @ f1.4 ) for the creamy bokeh of the first one and curtsy for the complete portrait I see in the second one 🙂

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