Marathon Monk: November 2017 – 78 days & 468 mindful miles

Not quite 500 miles. I had a slow week near the beginning with the virus still coming back occasionally but am now back to 100%. The stopping at shines seems to be taking a new form. I pause for longer waiting for the orange juice to clear as Thay would say. I don’t count as much. The practice is changing me. Sometimes it feels like it I’ve been walking forever.

The projection for next month is I won’t make the 100 walks and 600 miles by the Winter Solstice. If I do every week day it will be 93, or 99 if I do the weekends too. So near as damn it on target.

At the beginning of the month brother Stephen challenged me to do a black and white photo every day for a week.
We had a weekend at Wiston Lodge
It was an Order and Aspirant retreat lead by Dean and Susanne
It was lovely to have access to the Three Sisters shrine again
The light on the George V park shine was fantastic – all the leave are gone now though
Water of Leith view is always changing.
Where I turn off the cycle path

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