Marathon Monk: February 2018 – 112 days & 672 mindful miles

Meadows Shrine

On Tuesday 6th February I passed the 100 walks mark when, if I was a real Japanese Marathon Monk, I would have asked formal permission to continue. I thought about marking the day in some special day but in the end it was just a normal walk. Perhaps I’ll do more of a celebration when I pass the thousand miles in early summer.

Wednesday 28th was my 53rd birthday and also the day that the “Beast from the East” weather system arrived. I decided to mark it with a photo of each of the shines on the way to work but missed St Andrews Square. Since then the snow has got a lot deeper. I’m looking forward to the walk today (1st March) with about 15cm of snow.

Three sisters shrine in George Square
War Memorial Shrine in Old College
New Registry House Shrine – perpetually a building site
George V Park Shrine
Icicles in the old railway tunnel
Water of Leith Shrine
Coming home when the beast had arrived!

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