Marathon Monk: July 2018 – 182 days & 1,092 mindful miles

Panoramic pinhole photo. Stuff that looks like smoke is tourists.

Much more upbeat in July. Walks have been really regular and been feeling good again. First time back at yoga on 31st.

I weigh 1lb more than last month @ 14st 4lb (90.7kg). I’ve noticed that I have nearly exactly the same attitude to a tub of ice-cream or packet of biscuits that I used to have to a bottle of wine. Once it is opened I have to finish it. The compulsion is very strong. The only answer is to easy off these things entirely – not to pop open the tub of ice-cream in the first place. It took a year for the booze. I started in the summer with that too. Here goes.

My usual Three Sisters shrine is not accessible now. It has become a fire escape for two festival venues. The garden is filled with port-a-loos and beer kegs.

Three Sisters in summer
Beer/Fringe festival