On Scottish Independence

  1. Scotland is a country.
  2. Countries choose their own governments.
  3. No countries are truly independent but choose to pool some sovereignty for mutual benefit.


  1. Scotland is a region.
  2. Regions choose local representatives to a central government.
  3. Regions are delegated powers by a central government which may choose to revoke them.

Pick one option. To coin a well warn phrase, you can’t have your cake and eat it.

By all means support the continuation of the United Kingdom but if you do please don’t say that Scotland is a country or nation. Within the UK it is the region of North Britain and only a nation in the same sense that Fife is still the Pictish “Kingdom of Fife”.

If you believe Scotland is a country then it should get the economic and foreign policies its people vote for not those its neighbour votes for. It should be an independent sovereign state.

Either way you are a nationalist. You are either a British Nationalist or a Scottish Nationalist. The only way you can not be a nationalist is by really not caring.

You may wish that all these nationalists would just shut up and let people get on with their lives. You favour the status quo. In this case the angst you feel is nationalist angst, British Nationalist angst. You may not like to call it that because you normally use “nationalist” as a derogatory term for other people. I have yet to meet a non-nationalist.

Of course none of this is worthing fighting, killing or dying for in a generally liberal, developed world.

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