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On Scottish Independence

  1. Scotland is a country.
  2. Countries choose their own governments.
  3. No countries are truly independent but choose to pool some sovereignty for mutual benefit.


  1. Scotland is a region.
  2. Regions choose local representatives to a higher authority.
  3. Regions are delegated powers by a central government which may choose to revoke them.

Pick one option. To coin a well warn phrase, you can’t have your cake and eat it.

By all means support the continuation of the United Kingdom but please don’t say that Scotland is a country. In the UK it is just North Britain.

If you believe Scotland is a country then it should get the economic and foreign policies its people vote for not those its neighbour votes for. It should be an independent sovereign state.

Either way you are a nationalist. You are either a British Nationalist or a Scottish Nationalist. The only way you can not be a nationalist is by not caring either way about Scottish independence. I have yet to meet a non-nationalist.