Marathon Monk: May & June 2019 – 323 days & 1,938 mindful miles

Another two months down. I lost more than ten days to a retreat and a little illness in May. In June I was in Germany for a week and had a couple of offsite meetings. I passed the two year mark on the solstice. I’m way off two hundred days per year but close to a thousand miles a year. On the plus side I’m nearly a third of the way through the process.

One gorgeous June day I took my Hasselblad SWC wide angle camera and photographed each of the shrines in exactly the same way. Here they are.

Going to Work

#1 – Meadows
#2 – Three Sisters in George Square
#3 War Memorial in Old College
#4 – Next to New Register House
#5 – St Andrew Square
#6 – George V Park
#7 – Water of Leith

Lunchtime Walk

#8 – The Stupa
#9 – Chinese Hillside tunnel
#10 – Above the Stupa

Journey Home

#11 – The Lion in St Andrew Square
#12 – Tree in Narnia a.k.a. Makar’s Court