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Vintage Lens Coverage Graphic

When you’re shopping for a large format lens one of the first things you want to know is what the coverage is. Will it cover the format I’m working with and by how much? Having salvaged the Schneider Kreuznach Vintage Lens Data I found myself with a piece of A4 paper and a compass trying to work out whether a particular lens will allow for movements on 4×5 or stretch to 5×7 etc. Getting frustrated I wrote the rough and ready Javascript+SVG application below to do this job automatically. Simply pick a lens from one of the drop downs and it will draw the image circle for you. Don’t go spending money on the basis of this application alone. Check out the spec sheets and do some tests if you are serious. Your lens coverage may vary!

11×14 8×10 5×7 4×5
By lens:
By coverage:

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