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TDWG Ontology Talk on Slideshare

This talk has been put together for the LifeWatch WP5 workshop “Semantic Data Integration” taking place in IBED Nieuwe Achtergracht 166, 1018 WV Amsterdam between Monday 18 may 13:00 and Tuesday 19 may 15:00, 2009.

Having discovered Slideshare I am wondering whether I should put all talks together like this.

Saturday 24th May – I just played this through again and boy is it slow. Was I on valium when I recorded it? Was I in the bathroom? The content is still potentially interesting for some but I apologize for quality of the delivery!


  1. Gail Gail

    Thanks for posting this, Roger! Although this has broad applicability for the community, it was unclear who was the original target of this presentation.


    P.S. Am enjoying your photos!!

  2. @Gail
    Thanks Gail. I have added a note of explanation.


  3. Hi Roger – Any chance you could you save the presentation in a format like Quicktime or something that a PC can handle?

  4. Hi Lee,

    I spent a whole day authoring this thing and working out how to make it available. I can export it as a PPT but it doesn’t render right, doesn’t have sound and is over 6.7 meg! I tried recording the dialog in Keynote and then exporting a Quicktime movie but it would just jump some of the slides in the process! (I would say that Apple are as bad as MS but the fact that Powerpoint 2007 won’t render Powerpoint 2003 presentations correctly is so bad MS still hold the trophy – but only just.)

    I ended up recording an MP3 using Audacity (good old Open Source) and then used Slideshare (free web based service) to sink this with the uploaded presentation. I should have used a different mike not the one on my machine as my workplace echoes a lot.

    This is why people end up wanting to plug their own machines in to give presentations – talk about standards!

    I’ll mail you a PPT version but don’t want to put it up here as it will probably not work correctly for many people.

    All the best,


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