The Nuts Are Off!

I have decided to close down comments on the pine nut blog post. I have been meaning to do this for some time but people seemed to find it very useful, or even therapeutic, to be able to express their feelings and I figured I was providing something of a service in this respect. As we have now hit over 1,500 comments on a single blog post it was only a matter of time before it became more work for me than simply approving the non-spam comments. I recently received a comment from a user saying they had exposed their email address on one of the comments and could I remove it – but without telling me which comment or what their name is. This falls into the category of providing too much support so I’m closing down these particular posts to comments.

If you are suffering from a bitter aftertaste then you have my sympathies. Don’t worry about it though it will go away in a few days and you could probably do with eating a little less anyhow. I am sure there is a correlation between people with internet access and those who consume too many calories – I could certainly do with eating just a little less. If the taste does not go away  you should talk to a doctor.

My hunch this is caused by spoilage of the pine nuts but their is an outside chance it is caused by a particular variety or species of Pinus.There is no need to stop eating pine nuts in the future. There is also no need to come over all xenophobic about the origins of the nuts. Not wishing to be xenophobic myself it does appear as though all the xenophobes live in one country 🙂

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