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Eco PC Nuts?

Here is a story on the BBC about a USB device that you plug into your PC to enable it to be put to sleep at the touch of a single button. It is incredible that some one is selling a product to do that. For starters my Macs do it by default. Just close the lid of a laptop or touch the power button on a iMac and they go to sleep. They come back pretty instantly as well. The other point is that I am sure my old Dell desktop used to have the option to set the power button to do precisely this behaviour with Windows XP though of course it used to take hours to come back and used to crash on me etc. One could always set the PC to power down gracefully as you stop using it i.e slow the disc then the screen then the processor and full sleep after a few minutes of non-use but that would take more thought.

There is nothing like a gaget to fix bad design and sloppy thinking. They’ll make a fortune with it.

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