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It was briefly winter today

It snowed hard enough to drive me back  indoors but by 10 o’clock it was all but gone.

Two out of three of my green spaces under threat

Sunday evening and I’m taking the snaps off my camera. It has been dark and I’ve been hold up writing software for my Ten Breaths Map project so there…

Solstice? Not Quite Yet

I thought it was the winter solstice this morning and my feelings were confirmed by ominous sunrise. But I was wrong. It is actually at 4:49am tomorrow morning. …

Thanks for the bridge

I had a letter published in The National again today. The text I sent was: Sir/Madam, With all the noise and smoke coming from the “blamethrowers” that have…

History in the making?

Grave Yard Tree

March Morning

First rule of design is not to centre anything

… but I kind of like this.

Railway People

At the end of last year I saw an exhibition of photographs at Edinburgh Central library. They were prints from negatives that had been found in a biscuit…

Edinburgh Allotmenteers 2015

Edinburgh Allotmenteers is my new project for 2015. It builds on my 100 Portraits project that lead to the Botanics People exhibition. The goal of the project is…

Basil Spence: University of Edinburgh Library

I walk past the Basil Spence building almost every day and have been trying to photograph it for my brother who has an interest in Spence’s building. It…

Morton Hall Golf Club Boxing Day 2014

With the cloud rolling in across the cold ground the Pentlands were obscured and the golf course became and island.

People @ Pedal On Parliament 2014

Had a lovely couple of hours doing the Pedal On Parliament ride today and took the opportunity to spend the time photographing people. Everyone was in a good…

Princes Street Ghost Tram

  Fading between these two shots is a much better approach than trying to merge them like I did in an earlier post.

Castle Vennel

  This is harder than I thought! On my third visit to this site and this is the best alignment I have. It is on my way to…

Old Bakehouse Ghosts

  I’ve been having fun this weekend with a postcard that was posted in 1925. I think the image on the card was taken quite a bit earlier…

First attempt at rephotographing St Giles

This is a lovely postcard combined with a quick snap. I’ll have to go back when the Christmas lights are down and it maybe isn’t so crowded. I…

Rephotography – Making a Start

I have not blogged for a while. I’m not sure if the urge has left me or if I just haven’t found time. There seem to be too…

More Cycling Stupidity

If more people cycled then the city would flow more freely, people would be fitter and life would be better. Generally you would think that it would be…

Why I don’t buy Scottish Newspapers

Yesterday we all got on our bikes to Pedal on Parliament and protest at the disproportionate cuts to the active travel budgets. Basically everyone admits that Scotland would…

Time Lapse – First Attempt

I spent several evenings last week trying to make an interval timer for shooting time lapse movies out of a Lego Mindstorms robotics kit. This involved several trips…

Royal Botanic Gardens – November 2010

Sledging on the Meadows – November 2010

Snow Clouds Over Arthur’s Seat November 2010

Barclay Church from the Meadows – November 2010

Trying to get a photo blog right

I have been messing around trying to make my blog more photo-friendly – but without much joy. I use Apple Aperture which is integrated with MobileMe and Flickr….

Edinburgh Snow

I think I need to look for some photo blogging software. This gallery isn’t that inspiring.

My First ‘Serious’ Edinburgh Gigapan

View this full screen! This is my first reasonably high resolution Gigapan. It is around 760 megapixel. It was a dark day on Saturday but I am quite…

Royal Museum of Scotland – as it was in April ’08

Back in April when I knew the RMS was going to close for three years for renovation I decided to do some panoramas to capture its pre-renovation state….

An evening with Jo Barker’s Tapestries

I spent a fun evening recently helping Jo Barker photograph her tapestries for an upcoming catalogue and exhibition. Her work is amazing. This one is my favourite of…