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About a year a go I had committed to photograph people on their allotments as my next project when Sutherland Forsyth suggested I document the people who were involved in reconstructing the Botanic Cottage at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Needless to say the allotment project fell by the wayside as the Botanic Cottage People…

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This is the view of the floor through the viewfinder with the 14mm attached.

This is a quick post to host some camera phone snaps for a discussion about the new X-Pro2 and whether it has frame lines for the XF14mm f2.8 – a nifty little lens I like a lot.  It is in response to a nice Ian MacDonald Photography review of the X-Pro2 where he shows the…

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Sunday evening and I’m taking the snaps off my camera. It has been dark and I’ve been hold up writing software for my Ten Breaths Map project so there are only three shots I like but by chance there is a strong connection between the photos and the project I dedicated my Saturday to. All three…

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Over the last year my main project has been photographing the people involved in reconstructing the Botanic Cottage. This is Sutherland who is the organiser of community stuff associated with the cottage and also the catalyst for me making the photographs. I’m getting close to finishing photographing people but still not sure how the final set of…

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I came to see that the human imagination is not paramount in the creative process: that what is paramount is “The Creation” and He who created it and that what the true artist is expressing is not himself but his response to this eternal continuing process of Creation … I believe that, in the humblest…

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I’m just back from a week at Plum Village. I’d hoped to do some portraiture but didn’t really have time. Retreats are busy places what with all the meditating and the Mindfulness. My working meditation was in the vegetable garden with Sister Coa Nghiem. She is from Thailand and speaks Vietnamese but not much English…

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I’m amazed I pulled this image out of the series I took of Mia as she was larking about – like usual. Always making people smile. The shot kind of captures her a bit but I hope to photograph her again.

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