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Month: October 2010

Neither Parenting Nor Mindfulness?

I just ready

“A Model of Mindful Parenting: Implications for Parent–Child Relationships and Prevention Research” Duncan” Duncan et al Clin Child Fam Psychol Rev (2009) 12:255–270 DOI 10.1007/s10567-009-0046-3

in a quest to find some papers on mindfulness in adolescents for my research assignment. I feel uncomfortable with the notions of  both parenting and mindfulness it presents.

What the Buddha Thought – Finished!

It took two transatlantic flights but I have just finished “What the Buddha Thought” by Richard Gombrich. I was inspired to read it by my boss, Charles Hussey, who kindly took me to a lecture for the old boys of St Paul’s School in London given by Richard.

My first piece of advice is – if you want to know about Buddhism don’t read this book. Go and read a few of the multitude of introductions.

My second recommendation is – if you think you know about Buddhism do read this book.

Richard Gombrich writes in a very straightforward, accessible style but the arguments he proposes are complex and require some thought and prior knowledge. He takes an scholarly approach to unearthing what the Buddha was thinking which is both refreshing and somewhat frustrating. As a aspiring ‘practitioner’ (I don’t like that word but it seems to fit) I am keen to Know what the Buddha experienced and part of this is knowing how and what he thought. Richard provides a wealth of material evidence (his detractors may say too much opinion) as to the context of the Buddha’s life and how we can interpret the canonical literature in this light.