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Month: November 2010

Failing To Use OWL To Merge Occurrence Ontologies

I am not sure how to say this. Either:

  1. I just had my first Nature Precedings paper published.
  2. I just published my first paper on Nature Precedings.

The distinction is a big one. Saying I had a paper published implies the blessings of my peers. This is more like vanity publishing or even ‘stupid’ vanity publishing as the whole thing is open to comments and voting. My inflated but fragile ego will likely get punctured by negative comments or worse (and more likely) by total apathy.

I did some work last year on merging occurrence status vocabularies for the PESI project and, as I really wanted to make use of OWL in some way, I attempted to do this by creating a set of related ontologies then using inference to produce a magical-semantic-merging of them all. As this was a new thing for me I wrote it up as I went along.