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Month: January 2012

Remember This Post

I recently read a moving post on memory by Dawn Foster that set me thinking.

Dawn has epilepsy which means that 20-40 times each day she misses a few seconds of what is going on – yet nobody notices.  She finds it disturbing especially when compared to the experiences she has had with her grandmother suffering from Alzheimer’s. The thing that struck me was the phrase “I worry constantly about how much we remember.” This made me think of the suffering that even the thought that one might not remember something can create.

A Brief Introduction To Mindfulness Meditation

Today I launch the first version of my “A Brief Introduction To Mindfulness Meditation” pamphlet with a massive print run of fourteen! Plus availability on-line and the possibility of printing as many as needed of course.

Download a digital copy to read and freely distribute from the
downloads page.

Near the end of 2010 I became frustrated with what I thought of as the “barriers to entry” for people who were interested in developing a meditation practice. It was as if the very bottom rung of an otherwise excellent learning ladder was missing.