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Month: June 2012

Time Warped Addendum: Mindfulness

Cat Cairn: the Kielder SkyspaceI just finished reading Claudia Hammond‘s latest book “Time Warped“. Claudia is a psychologist who presents programmes on health (particularly mental health) on  BBC Radio 4 and BBC World Service. Chief amongst these is All in the Mind and my favourite Mind Changers.

Time Warped is a fun read. I start quite a few popular science books but don’t always finish them often because the style becomes laboured as the author tries to force human interest into every piece of research they mention – I find myself saying “too many words”. Time Warped does not fall into this category. There was plenty of stuff that is new to me and made me think more about my perception of time and how I related to it. I’d never heard the one about moving Wednesday’s meeting two days “forward”  – does it fall on Monday or Friday (definitely Friday for me).

I recommend the book as a good read … however…  I do think Claudia drops the ball when she mentions mindfulness and I have been wondering what to do about it. I don’t want to critise what is a good book but I do want to set the record straight – so I thought I’d write this as a kind of addendum – but then I realised I had already more or less written it back in 2010 in the post “The Present Moment Does Not Exit“! In that post I hope I establish that we can choose how we interpret the “Here and Now” i.e. what we consider to be part of our current experience and what we don’t. Because we have this choice we can actually control how we perceive not just time but everything. If you don’t have an active contemplative practice this may be a hard pill to swallow and I think this is where Claudia misses it.