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Month: September 2013

Living as an Embedded Buddhist

DSC_7998When I first heard of Engaged Buddhism I made a common mistake. I presumed it was all campaigns and demonstrations. I didn’t think it was for me. I’d been on a few demos and sat on some committees but they all felt far too confrontational for my newly developed sensibilities. Now I had a family and a job as well as the practice. If I was going to become a social activist it would have to wait a decade or two. Maybe when the kids have left home or in that period between my eventual retirement and the crematorium.

My dismissal of Engaged Buddhism didn’t sit comfortably. The vow to share the fruits of the way with all beings was becoming increasingly heart felt. In a moment of frustration I said silently “I’m more of an Embedded Buddhist than an Engaged Buddhist.” It was like hitting the right combination on a safe. There was a click and the door swung open.