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Month: September 2014

Why I am voting Yes in the Scottish Independence Referendum

IMG_fixedThis is by way of a note to self. I’ll look back on it as a told-you-so in some form. Maybe with regrets maybe not.

This is why I am voting Yes.

1) Trident Nuclear Missiles: I am ideologically opposed to renewing our nuclear weapons system. I don’t think it is morally defensible for us to have weapons of mass destruction. If it is OK for us then it must be OK for Iran & Co.

All the main UK parties want to renew our weapons in some form. They claim it doesn’t breach the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty because we would be using the same warheads – thus obeying the letter and not the spirit. Most (all?) of the Yes parties want a nuclear free Scotland. I’m therefore obliged to vote Yes as a matter of conscience.