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Botanic Cottage: Sutherland

Over the last year my main project has been photographing the people involved in reconstructing the Botanic Cottage. This is Sutherland who is the organiser of community stuff associated with…

Handy Links for Geneva Meeting

These are just some handy links for me to present at a CETAF Information Science and Technology Committee meeting in Geneva, October 2015. What RBGE publishes Example Edinburgh…

First Audio Leaflet: Dawyck Scottish Trees Trail » Botanics Stories

Just posted this about the apps I’m working on. First Audio Leaflet: Dawyck Scottish Trees Trail This is also a test of the new WordPress oembed feature.

The role of the artists

I came to see that the human imagination is not paramount in the creative process: that what is paramount is “The Creation” and He who created it and…

Freedom of Choice

We are constrained by the choices we have made but the most constraining choice is choosing not to choose.

Sister Coa Nghiem

I’m just back from a week at Plum Village. I’d hoped to do some portraiture but didn’t really have time. Retreats are busy places what with all the…

Buddha – a life of and for peace

I gave a talk to the Uniting for Peace Inter-Faith group meeting at the Theosophical Society in Edinburgh. I made a recording so I can improve on it…

Unsung Hero

Can’t believe I haven’t embedded this before:

First of the Five Mindfulness Trainings

This is me starting to record the Mindfulness Trainings. I’m doing this so I have it as a resource but also to learn about recording speech and using…

You are not what you look like

Mia shared this because it seemed relevant to my photography. I love it.

Vlasta Jamnicky: June 2015

Vlasta is the interpretation officer at the Botanics so she tries to bring order to leaflets and signs and stuff.

Paul Nesbitt: June 2015

Paul is curator of Inverleith House gallery at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh a (surely THE) leading contemporary gallery in Scotland.

Josephine: May 2015

Final day of the Wiston retreat.  

Jerry: May 2015

Just having received the 5 Mindfulness Trainings.

Roland: May 2015

Is this Roland? Looking out the door at the end of the Wiston Retreat.

Demetra: May 2015

We had been dealing with some very sad family things and were taking time to walk in some very beautiful woods in the Chilterns to find space. It…

Joscelyn: May 2015

In this case maybe colour.  


I’m amazed I pulled this image out of the series I took of Mia as she was larking about – like usual. Always making people smile. The shot…


At the end of a retreat at Wiston Lodge.  

David Harris

History in the making?


Grave Yard Tree

Messing with Daffodils

I spent some time this weekend moving across to Adobe Lightroom from Apple Aperture. I can’t say it has been a pleasant experience but Lightroom does look like…

March Morning

Nepali Tree Planting

Back to photographing in the garden

First rule of design is not to centre anything

… but I kind of like this.

My Political Position

I feel comfortable close to Gandhi. Try the test yourself at the Political Compass Site. The same site shows just how little choice there is in UK politics…

Railway People

At the end of last year I saw an exhibition of photographs at Edinburgh Central library. They were prints from negatives that had been found in a biscuit…