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Hearing that the RMS was closing for three years and going to "change" was a bit of a shock. The place was getting a bit daggie but perhaps that is why we loved it so much. It seems a shame that they have to let things slip for years before doing a massive overhaul. I guess this is the nature of modern funding.

They won't let you use a tripod in the building without signing a release form that prevents you from putting photos on the web (dumb, dumb and dummer). I wrote to the press office to ask if I might use a tripod but they didn't reply. It is not worth arguing when this is just a bit of fun so I just wondered round and did these by hand some use a Philopod and some a Beer-gut-o-pod. I've not messed with or cleaned any of the pans up so you can see the joins in some places. Some rooms in the museum were just too dark to photograph without a tripod.

You really do need a broad broad band connection for these panoramas - thank you for your patience while they load.